Monthly Melfie

Another new month, how is it June already? Half way through the year! Blimey, time really does fly.

Conscious that Harley starts school in a few months, we are trying to make the most of family days out where we can.

Last month, I shared my experiences of being a stepmummy and my Melfies were with my stepsons. This month’s Melfies come from a whole host of different times with Lola and Harley.

I took this one a while ago of Harley and I messing around, it was only when I looked back at the photo on my phone, that I noticed Lola is perfectly positioned for a photo bomb!


A sunny Melfie with Lola down the beach:

photo 5 (55)
Gorgeous squishy bedtime cuddles with Harley:


And a family Melfie when we were at Legoland

photo 4 (92)

We are looking forward to seeing what June has in store. Have a lovely month.

photo (39)

Californian Mum in London

Monthly Melfie ~ As a Step Mum

This month, my Melfie photo is with my youngest stepson, Connor.


When I got married, I didn’t just marry Luke, I married his entire situation and you know what, being a stepmum, is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

I remember when Luke first introduced me to his boys, I found myself trying to impress them more than their dad!

Never wanting to be their mummy, or their best friend but trying to find a happy medium whilst achieving acceptance, is more nerve wracking than any job interview.

Bringing up children is hard.

Bringing up children that aren’t your own, is even harder.

Being a stepparent, doesn’t come from a relationship of established love or nurturing. You have to almost play catch up to know what they like or don’t like. To know all about them. To know what makes them tick, or not, as the case may be.

When I was first chosen to read the bedtime story over daddy, I did an inner fist pump to the sky.

When I get asked to play with them; be the one to do their homework with; the one whose hand they choose to hold, it means more than their sweet little faces will ever know.

When Luke and I wanted to have children of our own, it was paramount to me that we created a blended family. Not a family of ‘them and us’.

The boys were so excited to have a new little brother. They adored him.

And you can imagine, when Lola was born, well, she was one over-protected little sister, that’s for sure.

 I know that we have achieved that blended family that I so desperately wanted when I hear Ethan and Connor call Harley and Lola their brother and sister. The words ‘step’ or ‘half’ don’t appear anywhere in their repertoire. And that makes me so happy.

I almost want to give ourselves a pat on the back.

I was lucky. Their approval of what I represented and their acceptance of me was evident from the beginning.

But it’s a tough role.

Still, years later.

When schools give 2 tickets to an assembly or a presentation. The ticket is not for you.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to keep quiet.

Take a step back.

Don’t compare, yourself.

Never show favouritism. I am always mindful of this.

As I said, we are very lucky. We are, very much, a unit. A family with 4 children.

Here are a few of my favourite pics of me and the boys:




photo 4 (84)

I’m immensely proud of my little family. All very different, yet so similar.

I’m a Mummy and a Step mummy, blimey, pass me that glass of wine!

photo (39)

Californian Mum in London
The Dad Network

Monthly Melfie

photo 1 (14)

I took this Melfie on Mother’s Day and I think it’s one of my favourites with him.

Harley’s cheeky grin, the lighting, I love all of it.

It was even chosen by A Happy Capture as their favourite Mother’s Day selfie and we won a selfie stick!

It arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to use it. Lots more selfies and melfies will be on their way!

photo (39)

Californian Mum in London

Monthly Monday Melfie

photo (27)

Blurry with the sunlight in the wrong place, but I love this melfie that I captured with Lola. Her crazy curls and chubby cheeks evident. She’s my little ray of sunshine.

Toddling around everywhere, into everything, eating anything she can get her hands on. She still only has half a tooth, at nearly 14 months old. She’s beautiful.

photo (39)

Californian Mum in London

Monthly Monday Melfie

Gosh, well we are already in February. The new year, doesn’t seem quite so new anymore. Dare I say it, but I’m pretty sure the evenings are starting to get lighter. And that excites me.

This month’s Melfie comes from a fantastic day out when we took Ethan Quad Biking.

photo 2 (5)

We got it for him for Christmas and he absolutely loved it. It was rather crisp and chilly watching him but seeing him enjoy such a new, thrill seeking experience was a delight to watch.

I took this photo of us before he went off for his training!

photo 1 (4)

He’s such a handsome, affectionate and thoughtful 11 year old. I really am proud to be his step mummy.

He’s adorable with Harley and Lola. The best big brother they could ask for.

I love this Melfie that I captured of Harley and I while we were watching Ethan go round the Quad Bike track. Needless to say the inevitable came out of Harley’s lips “Mummy, I want to do this! I want to have a go. Pleeeaaase!”

Blimey, not yet son. Let me enjoy your innocence and early childhood for a little while longer.

photo 3 (83)

photo (39)

Californian Mum in London

Monthly Monday Melfie

After a very magical Christmas with our little ones, it was yet again apparent that I was behind the camera for most of the photos taken. However at the start of the month, we did take a trip to the park and I was able to take some selfies  melfies! It was chilly but oh so sunny. I love these photos:

photo 2 (6)

photo 1 (11)

and my absolute favourite Melfie is this one:

photo 3 (80)

I love the sunshine rays beaming across the photo.

So here’s to more Melfies in 2015 and getting mums back into the picture!

photo (39)

Californian Mum in London

Monthly Monday Melfie ~ November

Having only started this linky last month, it really made me capture more melfies (mum selfie) of myself with my beautiful children. So this month I did, at least have a few more photos to choose from.

photo 5 (32)

I’ve chosen this photo of myself and Harley on the train at Peppa Pig World. Trains are his all time favourite way to travel…. Well perhaps a tractor would really do it for him if he had the chance, but let’s face it, a train is much more accessible!

We had such a lovely day and this photo captures the sheer delight that beamed from his face, the whole way round.

photo 1 (98)

I’ve also chosen this melfie of myself with Lola. I love our matching pink coats. Her coat was a gift from a very kind parent of a pupil I teach. We were so touched by this generous thought and I think she looks adorable in it.

I’m looking forward to lots of Christmas melfies this month. Have a lovely Christmas, all.

photo (39)

Californian Mum in London

Monthly Monday Melfie

We all went away this weekend and when we got home, I was flicking through the photos on my phone and it was really apparent that there were no photos of me! I would much rather take photos of my lovely children and hubby. So I’m really thankful for this new monthly linky hosted by Calfornian Mum as it will encourage me to take more photos of myself with my little lovelies. (‘Melfie’… a Mum Selfie, in case you were wondering!) I was really sad that I couldn’t find any photo that I had taken of myself with either of my children last month, so for the first in this new series, I’m using a photo that I took of myself with Lola from a little while ago. With the sheer speed that they grow, I want to be able to look back at photos of them and us, together, so I think I’m going to enjoy this.

photo (2)

photo (39)

Californian Mum in London