My Sunday Photo ~ Calm

This was the lake at Center Parcs, last week.

We were there quite early, on our way to do the Mini Trekkers course.

The lake was so calm and peaceful.


Later that day, the lake was a hive of activity. We drove an electric boat. It was such a beautiful day.

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My Sunday Photo ~ Cousins


Lola, Harley, Bailey and Rosalie.

They get on so well and I hope they remain so as they get older.

They each have their little ‘isms’ that make each one unique yet in many ways they are very similar.

I think by looking at them, you can see they are definitely related.

I’m completely biased but they are beautiful and they all have such lovely names!

Cousins are usually the first friends we have as children. And these 4 are as thick as thieves, already.

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My Sunday Photo ~ Old Harry Rocks

This week’s Sunday Photo is the most recent photo I have.

Taken only last night, from a boat at my lovely friend’s Hen Party.

We took a boat from the Quayside and sailed around the harbour.

Watching the sun go down over the water was stunning (I’ll save my sunset shot for a future Sunday Photo!)

I captured this photo as we sailed out to Old Harry Rocks.


Old Harry Rocks is a 3 chalk formation, located on the Isle of Purbeck. They mark the most easterly point of the Jurassic Coast.

It’s quite something, to be so close to it.

We had a wonderful evening. There was even a yummy BBQ on the boat. What a way to celebrate.

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My Sunday Photo ~My King of the World

Often, the best pictures are the on-the-spot captures; the ones where you suddenly see something and you know that as soon as you look back at the photo, it’s going to be a beauty.

I take most of my photos on my iPhone and this one, simply had to be My Sunday Photo for this week.

photo 2

My King of the Word.

My King of Everything.

Taken at Badbury Rings. It’s one of Harley’s favourite places. And I love his love affair with the outdoors.

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My Sunday Photo

If you saw my Easter Sun Fun post, you might have seen that Harley tried his hand at scootering at a Skate Park; something that he tried for the first time.

There is something about this photo that makes me smile.


I adore the wonderful, bright, intense colours of the mural on the wall.

I also like the ironic contrast between the grown up, adolescent background with my beautiful little 4 year old.

Whilst I don’t want him to grow up too quickly, I also promised myself that I would not and will not hold back his confidence and desire to try new things.

This photo represents that.

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My Sunday Photo

Well, what a week.

An emotional one, on so many levels. I have decided to leave the teaching profession after 15 years. It was an extremely tough decision but one that is right for me and my family.

My Sunday Photo, had to be this one of my leaving do from work, with so many colleagues that I will miss dearly.

photo 3

I was so touched by the number of people, old and new who came to celebrate. Those who didn’t want to eat, drank at the bar and those who didn’t want to drink, ate… lots!

We had such a fun evening and I really hope it’s not ‘goodbye’.

Even Stevie G made an appearance!

PicMonkey Collage

You can read about my reasons for leaving Teaching, here.

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Bike ride with a difference

 A few days ago, Harley saw a video of some boys on their bikes, doing stunts in a skate park. When I heard the inevitable “I want to do that, Mummy” I almost laughed it off.
But there was a huge part of me that didn’t want to suppress his desire to try something new; to draw on his confidence and sheer love of being on his bike.
We have a lovely new park nearby so we took a trip down, mid-week when we knew it would be quiet.
Well, I can only say that I was in awe of his determination and self belief.
I love this action shot of his bike mid-flight.
photo (9)
At only 4, I don’t quite know how he has the strength in his little legs to drive himself up the steep slopes or shift his balance to accommodate the sloped angles. Thankfully his skills, matched his confidence and he loved every minute.
The first 10 minutes or so, he was getting to grips with the hills and speed at which he needed to approach the curved sides of the park. After that, he was in his element.
And you know the funny thing… I didn’t feel any nerves or apprehension at all.
Processed with Moldiv
I managed to catch a little video of him.
He’s watched it over and over and already has set his sights on new things to try, next time!
He’s such a brilliant example of how stepping outside your comfort zone, will lead to progress and creativity. I think I need to take a leaf out of his book.
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