Do you wanna build a Snowman … in the bath?

Build a Snowman, in the bath? Now that really would be fun, wouldn’t it?

Well thanks to the team over at H&A, their new Frozen Olaf’s bath range, will have kids of all ages building Snowmen and splashing around in bubbles at every bathtime.

Olaf has his new bath range out at Tesco and we were lucky enough to get to try out the range as we are proud to be part of H&A’s Bathtime Fun Squad.

Impressed, doesn’t even cut it. Olaf definitely knows how to make lots of fun and smiles at bathtime.

Firstly, we had so much fun with the Mouldable Bath Soap.


You simply shake the can and squirt it into your hand. The soapy foam expands so you don’t need to squirt out much of the foam.


photo 4 (90)

You can then sculpt and create your very own masterpiece.

So you see, you really can build a Snowman in the bath…

photo 5 (53)

The soapy foam can then be used for washing and easily washes away after use.

The second product in the range that we loved was the Cuddle Robe. Perfect for getting dry and keeping warm and snug after the bath.


It was so unbelievably soft.

The boys were a little jealous of their baby sister getting all wrapped up in Olaf’s cuddle robe but we were so surprised that the robe was actually bigger than we thought.


photo 5 (54)

This photo shows you what a great length it is. Connor is 8.


The kids liked the little pockets to put their hands in, so they could easily keep the robe wrapped around themselves.

photo 4 (91)

(Could somebody please tell Olaf to make an adult sized one!)

The Bath and Shower Bubbles are also part of the range.


Mild and gentle for delicate skin, this moisturising bath and shower wash can be used every day.

olaf1 The bubbles smell fruity and this sparkly bubble bath is a sure fire hit for all Frozen fans.

Last but by no means least, is the Colour Changing Wash Mitt

photo 4 (89)

Harley loves using this to wash himself in the bath. It makes him want to actually wash himself, instead of us encouraging him to do it!

If you look closely, you’ll see some white snowflakes appear down the sides, when put into water:



What a truly delightful set of bath products. Perfect for any Frozen fan or simply for anyone who doesn’t believe that you really can build a Snowman in the bath …


(Raisins and dried fruit are not normally found in our bathroom but they make fab eyes and nose!)

Thanks to H&A and Tots100, I’m delighted to be able to offer one lucky reader a set of Olaf’s Bathtime Products. If you would like to enter the giveaway, just follow the instructions and enter as many options as you would like.

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The winner will be notified within 24 hours of the competition closing on 4th June. The prizes will be sent directly from the supplier to the lucky recipient.

Disclaimer: I am proud to be chosen to be part of H&A’s Bathtime Fun Squad, 2015. I was sent these products for the purpose of review, however all words and opinions are very much my own.

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The Dairy of a Bathtime Buddy


Dear Diary,

It struck me the other day that some people might think it’s pretty boring being a foam letter a. But in truth, I’m pink, I’m spongy and it’s fun being with the other members of the family, all the time. We get on pretty well although k does think she’s better than everyone else but I’m convinced that I’m more useful. If I’m honest, it’s rather cosy in the plastic tub that we call home. We are a close bunch though, so being squeezed up against m or c isn’t so bad. I can’t help thinking though that there’s more to life than being in this plastic tub. I would love to see what’s outside…. Hmm, maybe one day?


Dear Diary,

Oh my goodness our home has arrived at somebody elses’ home. The little boy and the little girl gave us a big shake when they first saw us; this could be lots of fun… I’ll keep you posted!

Dear Diary,


Today was a good day. The little boy and the little girl let us all go for a swim. It was such fun. I kept hiding from g in the bubbles.


Dear Diary,


The little boy loved making words out of us today. I’m a bit envious of h. I wish that I could be h; he always gets picked first. It sounded like the little boy had just learnt his letters. He had fun splashing about whilst putting us into lots of different words; he loved spelling his name. He kept sticking us to the side of the bath and the tiles of the bathroom but he was not happy that we didn’t stick to his tummy! He kept trying!



Dear Diary,

The little girl keeps putting me in her mouth. Crikey, it’s a good job she’s only got 1 tooth! Ouch!


Whilst we were all having a swim, the little boy loved using our home as a shower. Our roof has handy little holes so we can stand upside down and drain away the water when we are not being used. It makes a fun waterfall and great for washing hair in the bath.



I overheard the little boy’s mum saying that it’s really handy that there are 65 of us! Lots of us have twins so we can spell out lots of cool words. If you fancy giving my other friends a new home, you can find h&a Bathtime Buddies Alphabet set in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda and Wilko for £3.30 RRP.

 You can view h&a‘s range of other fun and engaging Bathtime Buddies by clicking here.

So go on, give a foam letter a better life. Your children will love us!


Disclaimer: We were kindly sent the Bathtime Buddies for the purpose of review, however all words and opinions are my own.

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