My Sunday Photo ~ Cousins


Lola, Harley, Bailey and Rosalie.

They get on so well and I hope they remain so as they get older.

They each have their little ‘isms’ that make each one unique yet in many ways they are very similar.

I think by looking at them, you can see they are definitely related.

I’m completely biased but they are beautiful and they all have such lovely names!

Cousins are usually the first friends we have as children. And these 4 are as thick as thieves, already.

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Alphabet Photography ~ N

N is for … Niece and Nephew.


My sister beat me to having a child first so I became an Aunty before I became a Mummy. When Bailey was born, I was so incredibly proud of him and being able to call him my nephew. He was the first baby to enter our immediate family, the first grandchild. I remember proudly taking photos of him into work to show off my new status as Aunty! He’s such a gorgeous, confident, articulate little 5 year old and a super big brother to his younger sister, Rosalie. My sister and brother-in-law, won’t mind me saying that Rosalie, now 1, certainly keeps them on their toes; into everything, grabbing everything within reach. She’s beautiful and her beaming smile makes me melt. There was a photo of them both at similar ages and you’d be forgiven for getting them muddled up, they looked so alike. I love this black and white photo of them; it encapsulates true, protective, big brotherly love.

What’s really lovely is that I also had a boy and then a girl. With only a few months between them, we have a feeling that they will all grow up to be so close. Cousins. Best friends.

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photo (39)